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B 50 R TL

B 50 R TL
B 50 R TL
B 50 R TL
B 50 R TL

Especially when used in high-traffic areas and in public spaces, a more hygienic operating concept is increasingly desired. 

The "touchless button" B 50 TL makes it possible to operate the lift without contact. Independently of this, the button can still be operated in the usual way.

SCHAEFER's Touchless Technology detects the change in capacitance when the pushbutton is approached. The button plate itself serves as a sensor, which means that no externally visible change to the design is necessary. In contrast to other methods, this avoids additional points of attack for vandalism through additional openings or windows, e.g. with optical sensors. 

Conventional operation with a travel of 1.5 mm is still possible and the touch plate can be marked tactilely, optionally with Braille, so that all requirements of EN 81-70 are still fulfilled.


  • Touchless operable
  • more hygienic operating option
  • Familiar tactile operation is still possible
  • Various lighting and acknowledgement options: single-colour, bishade, bicolour
  • Same button design with unchanged B 50 breakthrough
  • No additional openings on the push-button or the faceplate or additional front-mounted attachments necessary (preservation of the respective water or vandalism protection)


The B 50 TL consists of a special push-button equipped with an antenna and a small additional circuit board that is mounted on the back of the front panel directly next to the push-button. Each push-button requires a separate circuit board. All boards are connected to the respective button with a cable. Then all the boards are connected to each other with a cable and each board is additionally earthed to the front panel. All floor buttons as well as the "door open" and "door closed" buttons can be touchless. The alarm button is not touchless. 

Variants / Restrictions

The contactless additional function can basically be implemented with all B 50 pushbutton versions (all connection variants, all enclosures and pushbutton plate materials, all LED colours, vandalism protection classes and voltage ranges) in both the square (B 50 Q TL) and round (B 50 R TL) versions. 

The only difference is that the labelling type "05 - Pierced, opal (translucent)" cannot be used. In addition, alarm buttons are generally not designed to be touchless. 


- Pushbutton with integrated antenna

- Touchless PCB in housing with pluggable IDC connectors

- Grounding cable

B 50 R TL