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COP FLEXIBLE flush mounting

COP FLEXIBLE flush mounting
Ball catches option
Concealed screwing option
Screws X
Faceplate, stainless steel 2 mm
Back box, galvanised sheet metal 1.5 mm

Mounting / Hole pattern



1 4 × borehole Ø 6,5 in inner cabin wall for installation of mounting and adjusting elements FLEXIBLE

2 pressing screw

3 drawing screw

4 fixing screw

Adjustment of faceplate by means of drawing and pressing screws 2 + 3

Adjustment of installation height and lateral distance by means of fixing screws 4

H = faceplate length (KH-2)
B = faceplate width
KH = clear cabin height
KL = back box length
KB = back box width
KT = back box depth

COP FLEXIBLE flush mounting

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