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COP SlimLine BASIC 230 EC 4E-Q, IF oLM

COP SlimLine BASIC 230 EC 4E-Q, IF oLM
COP SlimLine BASIC 230 EC 4E-Q, IF oLM
COP SlimLine BASIC 230 EC 4E-Q, IF oLM
COP SlimLine BASIC 230 EC 4E-Q, IF oLM

Having a depth of only 12 mm, the SlimLine series combines modern design with timeless aesthetics. The specifically designed low profile SCHAEFER elements do not require any cutouts in the fixture bottom nor in the wall/frame. This fact and the simple faceplate mounting by means of magnets help saving time during Installation.

  • 1 × MFD 544 with Gong Module, film red
  • 1 × IF 112x68
  • 2 × Hole pattern 9924, 2 mm, without mesh
  • 2 × D 37 Q 15-20-00-44-21, plate PC crystal clear, film negative, emergency call, LED white
  • 2 - 3 × B 37 Q 15-09-00-10-15, floor button, floor character tactile grey (translucent), LED red
  • 0 - 1 × blind cover
  • 1 × B 37 Q 30-09-00-10-15, floor button building exit, floor character tactile grey (translucent), housing frame green, LED red
  • 1 × B 37 Q 15-09-00-10-15, door-open button, symbol tactile grey (translucent), LED red
  • 1 × K 37 Q KM 15-09-00-10-00, key switch KABA Micro, LED rot
  • 1 × B 37 Q 2M 31-09-00-10-16, alarm button, symbol tactile yellow, housing frame yellow, LED red
  • Fixture end caps: plastic grey (15 - P-grey)
  • Mounting of faceplate at base: magnetic fixing + locking screw

The connection jack “IDC AWG” or “Push-in FMC” are not included in the purchased parts package. You have to order them separately.

Width 230 mm
Height 1200 mm
Depth 12 mm
Raised countersunk head screw M3 × 10 (option)
Threaded pin M3 × 16
Wall thickness independent
Grounding bolt M3 × 8
Faceplate, stainless steel 1 mm
End pieces, plastic X
Bottom, galvanised sheet metal X




1 Durchbruch für Kabel oder D-Sub Kabel

2 Durchbruch für Notrufsprechanlage

3 Lage erste Tasterreihe

Notrufsprechanlage, Kabel bzw. D-Sub Kabel nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten!

Befestigungsmaterial zur Montage an Kabinenwand nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten!



Frontplatte unten am Boden ansetzen und langsam mittels Saugheber zuklappen.

Vorsicht: Einklemmgefahr für Finger!



Gewindestift mittels 6-Kant-Schlüssel (SW 1.5) gegen den Uhrzeigersinn herausdrehen, bis dieser flächenbündig mit der Frontplatte ist.



Gewindestift mittels 6-Kant-Schlüssel (SW 1.5) im Uhrzeigersinn bis zum Anschlag hineindrehen. Frontplatte mit einem Saugheber abziehen oder seitlich vorsichtig mit einem flachen Schraubendreher anheben.

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COP SlimLine BASIC 230 EC 4E-Q, IF oLM

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