Topology Liftboy modules

LiftBoy GIM Base

LiftBoy GIM Add

The LiftBoy nodes are delivered fully configured ex works.

GIM Base - Screw fixing

GIM Base - Adhesive fixing

GIM Add - Screw fixing

GIM Add - Adhesive fixing

3-wire control with common anode

3-wire control with common cathode

4-wire control with common anode

4-wire control with common cathode

3-wire control, call common anode, confirmation common cathode

3-wire control, call common cathode, confirmation common anode

Innovation in difficult times -

with unexpected actuality

In times of the current corona pandemic, we perceive our environment more consciously and more and more potential dangers to our health become apparent. This increased awareness will continue to accompany us after Corona. According to a recent publication in the Journal of Hospital Infection, corona viruses on metal and glass surfaces, for example, can survive for up to 9 days. This also applies to buttons in elevators. A single highly frequented elevator, e.g. in hospitals, department stores, train stations, etc., can transport several 10,000 people during these 9 days. According to the study, other pathogens even survive for more than 28 days.

More hygienic operation of lifts

One of our innovations is currently experiencing undreamt-of topicality. LiftBoy - a solution for elevator operation via smartphone that was actually developed to improve comfort and promote accessibility. The elevator call and floor selection can be made manually via the app or fully automatically. The smartphone can remain in your pocket. The elevator automatically detects when a user with an installed app approaches the elevator, calls the elevator and automatically selects the destination floor. The system consists of hardware components that are integrated into the landing operating and car operating panels and a corresponding app (for iOS and Android). The solution can be used in new installations as well as in modernization projects. Due to its control independence, the LiftBoy can be easily retrofitted and thus create the possibility of contactless elevator operation in many places.

Improve accessibility

In addition to the advantage of more hygienic operation, the system also benefits handicapped users. Many lifts are not yet equipped with an additional handrail or desk panel so that wheelchair users can reach all buttons without assistance. Visually impaired people also often find it difficult to operate elevators. They also benefit from operation via smartphone and can regain a little more independence in everyday life.

LiftBoy - App-based elevator call & floor selection

The LiftBoy app allows elevators to be controlled via the smartphone. For lift systems that are equipped or upgraded with the LiftBoy GIM node (car operating panel or landing operating panel), lift calls and floor selections can be made conveniently via the smartphone.

In addition to the manual mode, an automatic mode is also available, which can be adapted to personal habits by means of many setting options. In residential or office buildings, for example, regularly used floors and lifts can be preset so that you are automatically called to the detected floor or automatically select the preset floor when you enter the elevator. This not only shortens unpleasant waiting times, but also improves barrier-free use.

Features and functions

  • Manual or automatic elevator call
  • Manual or automatic floor selection
  • Can be retrofitted without intervention in the control system
  • No change in elevator behavior
  • Reduces unpleasant waiting times
  • Hygienic operation
  • Upgrading of the building
  • Enhanced Accessibility

LiftBoy app


  • Recognizing of nearby lifts
  • Check for authorization to use
  • Determining the current fl oor (presence fl oor)
  • Call to the presence fl oor
  • Detection of reaching the vicinity area of the LOP
  • Floor selection

Modernisation / retrofitting

Due to the control independence of the LiftBoy system, systems can be significantly upgraded by replacing existing panels (modernisation) or by retrofitting existing fixtures. 

Components of the LiftBoy system

Components Description
LiftBoy GIM node Main node for connecting two buttons. Used in call and car panels.

Includes: GIM node, Bluetooth antenna, adhesive pad, power cable, 2x IO cable for connection to push buttons

LiftBoy GIM-Add node Extension node to extend the main node by 8 push-button connections.

Includes: GIM-Add node, adhesive pad, bus cable for the connection to the main node (GIM) or further extension nodes (GIM-Add), 8x IO cable for connection to push buttons.

LiftBoy APP Android and iOS - APP for operating the elevator with built-in LiftBoy system. Manual operation or automatic operation (APP Calls the elevator and selects the floor fully automatically in background mode, i.e. in this case no active operation of the APP is necessary.

The LiftBoy nodes are delivered fully configured ex works.


Welding studs
Adhesive fixing

Temperature application range -10° C .. +80°C

Electrical data
Power supply (smoothed) 9 - 30 V
Operating current (24 V) max. 30 mA (GIM Base); max. 160 mA (GIM Add)
Radio frequency 2402 MHz - 2480 MHz

Protection category IP 20

Protection class III



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