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TFT 2.8" SRT P

TFT 2.8" SRT P
TFT 2.8" SRT P
TFT 2.8" SRT P
TFT 2.8" SRT P
TFT 2.8" SRT P
TFT 2.8" SRT P

TFT 2.8" SRT P - Parallel

This TFT displays come with high graphic resolution, which can be installed horizontally and vertically. In addition to floor designations and direction arrows, special displays can also be shown as full and partial image.


The display can be configured intuitively with the free SCHAEFER-Configurator program. All settings can be made conveniently here.

The information is displayed in the TFT via widgets that can be freely positioned. More about the configuration via the SCHAEFER Configurator can be found in the manual.

Device internal menu

The internal menu of the device can be operated via three keys on the back of the display. For more information on the internal menu, please refer to the manual.

Functions / Features

Date / Time
Voice announcements (floor & special announcements)
Gong Function
Floor display: Numbers / letters multi-digit
Special displays
Special texts / graphics (also as full screen)
Display elevator data
Floor information
Wallpaper image
Slide show
Integrated configuration menu
Configuration via App
Integrated speaker
Connection for external speaker/amplifier
Standing/static arrows
Arrow (travel up | travel down) (travel as animation)
Play video from SD card
Video streaming
Video in full screen mode
Function expansion via widgets
Remote maintenance
Network interface (WLAN/LAN)
Mounting horizontal or vertical
Welding studs M3 × 8
Adhesive fixing X
Faceplate thickness 1 mm / 2 mm
Installation depth 17.1 mm / 16.1 mm
Screw terminal 2 × 8 poles 0.5 mm² / AWG 28 - 20
Dual X
Gray X
1 out of n X
Electrical data
Power supply (smoothed) 12 - 30 V DC
Current consumption (24 V / 10% luminosity) typ. 27 mA
Current consumption (24 V / 100% luminosity) typ. 51 mA
Common anode or common cathode X
Display characteristics
DisplayScreen diagonal 2.8"
Resolution 320 × 240 pixels
Aspect ratio 4:3
Display area 57 × 42.5 mm
Supported colours 262,144 / 18 Bit / RGB
Luminosity 500 cd/m²
Backlight LED white
Service life 50,000 h
Special texts/graphics (also as full screen) 12
Number of floors 128
Arrow (travel up | travel down) (travel as animation) X
Temperature range 0 - +60 °C
Configuration On site via menu or via TFT Config Kit.
microSD X
Pane (crystal clear) X
EN 81-70 With optional Gong (3 tones)
TFT 2.8" SRT P
  • 0.5 mm² / AWG 28 - 20
  • With optional Gong (3 tones)

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