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TFT 3.5" F C Class 0

TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
TFT 3.5" F C Class 0

TFT 3.5" F C Class 0 (CANopen)

Extra low-profile TFT displays with with high graphical resolution.

Mounting horizontal or vertical
Welding studs M3 x 8
Adhesive fixing X
Faceplate thickness 1 mm / 2 mm
Installation depth < 10 mm
CAN: Micro MATE-N-LOK 4p 1r X
JST ZHR 0,14 mm² / AWG 28 - 24
Electrical data
Power supply (smoothed) 12 - 30 V DC
Current consumption (24 V / 10% luminosity) typ. 57 mA
Current consumption (24 V / 100% luminosity) typ. 61 mA
Common cathode X
Display characteristics
DisplayScreen diagonal 3.5"
Resolution 480 x 320 Pixel
Aspect ratio 3:2
Display area 73 x 48
Supported colours RGB
Luminosity 250 cd/m²
Backlight LED white
Service life 50.000 h
Special texts/graphics (also as full screen) x
Number of floors 254
Date/Time X
Acoustic properties
Gong x
Announcements X
Loudspeaker (option) X
Output rating 1 VA (sine) at 24 V
Arrow (travel up | travel down) (travel as animation) X
Temperature range 0 - +65 °C
Pane (crystal clear) X
EN 81-70 with optional "Speaker 50"


Due to different installation dimensions and fixings, the conversion of standard windows to windows for EN 81-71 class 1 or 2 is not possible. Mounting and installation dimensions on request.


  1.     CAN: Micro MATE-N-LOK connector (4p St1r) for connection to the CANopen bus.
  2.     JST ZHR-10 10-pin plug for connecting display and control elements (e.g. buttons, key switches, displays). Example: up to 8 pushbuttons can be connected for 3-wire technology or 4 pushbuttons for 4-wire technology.
  3.     JST ZHR-3 plug 3-pin for connection to an LF amplifier or for connecting the internal loudspeaker.
  4.     RS 485: RS 485 interface
  5.     Programming interface
  6.     Jumper to set the termination for the RS 485 interface.
  7.     Jumper to set the CANopen termination.
  8.     Slot Micro-SD card
  9.     Micro button for settings via the integrated configuration menu.
  10.     8 × fixing straps can be cut off if necessary (e.g. if there is insufficient space in the panel).

Requirements for the design of lift system information according to EN 81-20

In the car, the following information on the lift system must be given:

  • Name of the manufacturer/installer
  • Serial number of the elevator system
  • Year of manufacture
  • Nominal load of the lift system in kg
  • Number of people
Letters, numbers and graphic symbols used for the information in the car must meet the following requirements:

  • min. 10 mm for capital letters, numbers and graphic symbols
  • min. 7 mm for small letters 
If you have any further questions about standard-compliant implementations, please contact your SCHAEFER sales representative in confidence. We will be glad to help you.

TFT 3.5" F C Class 0
  • with optional "Speaker 50"

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