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The choice of fixture and touch plate material can significantly influence the hygienic properties in the elevator. The materials presented here have active or passive properties that have a positive influence on the cleanliness and hygiene in the elevator. These include good cleanability, effective disinfectability (e.g. by means of wipe disinfection) or active germ reducing properties.

Part number: MCODE-8907314652
Copper has long been known as a natural, bacteria- and virus-inhibiting material. The cell walls and DNA of many microorganisms are destroyed on bare copper surfaces by the released copper ions. To maintain the effect, however, increased care is required, as copper surfaces age quickly and thus lose..
Part number: MCODE-9078145623
Touch plates with a bacteria- and virus-inhibiting nanoparticle coating. In contrast to copper touch plates, these do not oxidise or age. This means that the care required to maintain the protective effect is significantly lower. For the following styles:MT 42RT 42B 50 Q/RB 45 Q/R..
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